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Specializing in live edge/wood products and, epoxy that are locally made by us! We take great pride in the work we create; every detail is taken into consideration so that each piece can be proudly displayed in your home, office or cottage.  Whether it’s a table you eat around, a charcuterie board that you use to entertain with or, a table to set your keys on at the end of the day, we want you to love it!
Inside our showroom located in Downtown Parry Sound at 26 James Street, you’ll find a number of ready-made pieces and, just a few doors up the street in The Workshop located at 44 James Street, you’ll find a vast selection of slabs waiting to be cut, sanded and moulded into the next functionally one of a kind piece. We are proud to stand by our motto, "if you can think it, we can make it"
If you'd like to know more about what we have available or you have a custom piece in mind please contact us at ryan@ibranchedout.com, call 705-746-0560 or, drop into our showroom!
We love where we live and are passionate about supporting our community! We strive to service and support our community when can, whether it’s from sourcing our materials locally when available, supporting local causes or, collaborating with other local businesses, we do our best!  We truly believe working together builds a stronger community! 

 Stop by and see us! 

Ryan & Melissa McKeown


Written by Stephannie Johnson, Parry Sound Metroland Media

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    “I’ve been playing around with woodworking for a long time,” he said. “Last winter I was busy doing stuff at my shop, doing welding, but I had too much sawdust around, so I’d have to clean the whole garage out to do welding, and it just wasn’t efficient.” “I’m selling more of the bigger pieces and a lot of commissioned pieces — where people will come in and say, ‘Well, I like that, but can you do it like this?’ I get a lot of that,” he said. “If (customers) want something, they can bring me a picture of what they want, and I can do it. I’ve done one table that was 14 feet long and just shy of five feet wide, and three inches thick.”

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